Manatee County Wawa moving forward

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MANATEE COUNTY — Wawa’s aggressive expansion into Southwest Florida continues, this time with a new store on State Road 64 east of Interstate 75.

Commercial building permits were filed late last week in Manatee County for $903,000 worth of construction for a new Wawa store at 1450 Upper Manatee River Road.

The store would be at the northwest corner of S.R. 64, roughly 4 miles east of the interstate.

The Upper Manatee River Road site is predominantly vacant and adjoins the Links at Greenfield Plantation.  Read more

Manatee Players to buy 2.6 Acres on 7th St. W.

BRADENTON — Considered an opportunity to remove a long-time blemish on redevelopment efforts on the downtown waterfront, the Bradenton City Council voted Wednesday to loan $2.7 million to the Manatee Players theater to buy 2.6 acres for a parking lot.

The property at 301 Seventh St. W. is the site of the old, dilapidated Carver Apartments.

City Clerk Carl Callahan said the city has long considered how to get more parking into the area as Riverwalk and the new Manatee Players facility continue to grow in popularity.  The city loaned Manatee Players almost $3 million about a decade ago as they made plans to build the theater at 502 Third Ave. W.   The parking lot to the east of the theater belongs to the Players but is used by many visiting the Riverwalk.

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Commercial uses in planning on SR 64 east of I-75

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EAST MANATEE — A proposal to build a Taco Bell and another fast food restaurant will likely bring more dining options to State Road 64 east of Interstate 75.

Development plans submitted to Manatee County late last month show the restaurants are planned for construction across the street from Haile Middle School at 9500 SR 64. According to that development application, the two restaurants would share a parking lot and would be accessed via an existing road apron built directly across from School House Drive.

The development application shows the proposed Taco Bell housed in a 2,450-square-foot building. A second, 3,600-square-foot building planned for the property is designated as a yet-unnamed fast food restaurant. The businesses are expected to add retail services to the Heritage Harbour and Upper Manatee River Road area.

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