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Our advisors have decades of experience in the regional market and with the various governmental agencies regulating development in order to guide investors and maximize their potential return on investment.  Consultants help property developers by researching and analyzing data and providing other services to help with real estate development and investment.  Hiring a consultant is a great way to develop a comprehensive real estate investment strategy and set goals for growing a flourishing real estate business.

Commercial Brokerage

Commercial Brokerage

Based on an in-depth property analysis including valuation, market research and feasibility studies we can help you make informed decisions whether buying or selling or leasing. Commercial real estate offers a wide variety of profitable opportunities. Agents specializing in commercial real estate serve as liaisons between multiple parties in commercial transactions provide in-depth analysis and have extensive demographic knowledge of the market area.

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial Real Estate

Our experts are well versed with the unique needs of industrial developers, users and investors and keep a close eye on all facets affecting the industrial real estate market including emerging technologies, warehousing and the supply chain.  By researching current trends, vacancy rates, rental prices and demand informed decisions can be made while mitigating risk.

Land Brokerage

As an Accredited Land Consultant designee, we are among the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry able to effectively close land deals.  Land Brokerage specialties include the negotiation and acquisition of land, entitlements, easements and extensive experience with the permitting process.

Residential brokerage

Residential Brokerage

Our skilled residential team is ready to assist on either side of the buying and selling process.  They take a detailed approach for positioning properties in order to maximize value.  Allow us to take the guesswork out of pricing, staging, photography, scheduling showings, negotiations, inspections and the myriad of document deadlines leading up to closing.

Property valuation

Property Valuation

Thorough valuation assessments are provided in order to best advise our clients as to the highest and best use, and strategic pricing.  Valuation methods include Location & Site Analysis, Market Analysis, Political and Legal Analysis and Financial Analysis.  We offer an unbiased professional opinion of value on which you can base your real estate decisions.

Property Management

Florida Property Owners have a variety of management needs for which we are qualified to assist including residential and commercial portfolios as well as land management and conservation.  Our property management team offers operation, control, maintenance and oversight of industrial parks, commercial buildings and can oversee rental operations and leasing as well.

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